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Artist Development

No matter where you are in your musical journey, No Cool Points For Dying can be your guide. We offer artist development programs that leverage our data expertise to hone your sound, craft a captivating image, and build a rock-solid fanbase. We’ll help you refine your songwriting, identify your ideal audience, and develop a data-driven marketing strategy to ensure your music gets discovered by the people who matter most.

Instagram + Spotify Conversion Ads

Killing it on Instagram but crickets on Spotify? We hear you. Our data-driven Instagram to Spotify ads turn those likes into listens. We target the right audience, craft eye-catching visuals, and make it seamless for fans to find you on Spotify. Hit the link in bio to convert your followers into fans.

Tour Marketing

We target cities with high concentrations of your ideal fans, craft targeted social media campaigns to build anticipation, and leverage our influencer network to spread the word. We’ll also help you with merch sales strategies and optimize your ticketing strategy to maximize your tour’s success. Let’s make your next tour one for the history books.

Google Ads For Recording Studios

Looking to fill your studio with the perfect clients? No Cool Points For Dying uses data-driven Google Ads to target musicians actively searching for recording studios in your area. We craft targeted ad copy that highlights your unique offerings and value proposition, attracting the ideal clients for your studio. Stop wasting budget on generic ads – reach the musicians who are ready to record their next hit with you.

Youtube Ads For Music Videos

Don’t let your music video get lost in the YouTube abyss! No Cool Points For Dying creates data-driven YouTube ad campaigns that get your visuals in front of the right audience. We use deep insights to target fans of similar genres and artists, ensuring your video reaches those who will truly dig it. Eye-catching ad snippets hook viewers in seconds, driving them to watch the full masterpiece. Plus, we constantly analyze performance and refine your campaign to maximize views and engagement. Stop waiting for discovery – get found by the fans who will obsess over your music video.

Song + Album Registration

We handle it all: copyright registration, royalty collection (BMI/ASCAP, SoundExchange, song trust) & distribution platform setup. Focus on your music, leave the paperwork to No Cool Points For Dying. Get your music out there, stress-free.

Project Management

Creating music is your passion, but managing the logistics can feel overwhelming. No Cool Points For Dying cuts through the chaos with our data-driven project management services. We take the reins on everything from recording session scheduling and budget tracking to marketing campaign execution and tour logistics. Our meticulous planning and clear communication keep you focused on what matters most – making incredible music. Let us handle the behind-the-scenes work, so you can create, perform, and connect with your fans on a whole new level.